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Round Tinted Glass

When a round glass shape is filmed or coated it's known as Tinted glass. These types of glass help block light heat and UV rays from the sun. Due to this, the interior design of any place can be protected which is caused because of direct heat and light. It also gives privacy as the glass is of different colors. It is mostly used in commercial places and ATMs but in residential areas or offices, it can be of great use. 

Uses of round-tinted glass.


Round-tined glass can be used in different  places  for various purposes: 

  1. Skylights 

In skylights, round-tinted glass can be used to reduce heat absorption and minimize natural light.

  1. Circular windows:

If you want to give aesthetic sense and some privacy to your home, workplace, or commercial area you can use round tinted glass for windows. 

  1. Car windows

Tinted glass can be used for side windows of a car as well as windshields if someone wants to reduce glare or enhance privacy.

  1. Art and Furniture 

Artists and designers mostly use tinted round glass in their designs as well as it's used in furniture like table tops and cabinets.

  1. Shower enclosures and room dividers 

  privacy purposes and to enhance the look of the place Round Tinted glass is used in shower enclosures and room dividers. 

  1. Retail and commercial space

To enhance the visual appeal of a commercial place with some level of privacy round tinted glass is used. 

  1. ATM Enclosures

Tinted glass is mostly used for ATM enclosures as it provides privacy and protects the equipment from direct sunlight.

Sizes of Round Tinted glass 

Commonly used sizes of round tinted glass are as follows: 

Small size 

Commonly used small-size round tinted glass as 12 inches to 24 inches (300mm to 600mm)  diameters.

Medium size 

Diameters of 600mm (24inches) to 1200mm (48inches) 

Large size 

600mm to 1000mm (48 inches to 60 inches) in diameter are used for large-size tinted round glass. 

Customize size 

According to the need of the place and the design of the material tinted round glass can be customized in sizes. 

 If you need to block the sunlight or UV or you want some privacy at your place Tinted round glass can be the best option. It will not only protect the interior but also enhance the aesthetic of the place.


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