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Tempered Glass or Toughened Glass Cut To Size

Four times stronger toughened glass also known as tempered glass is the demand of modern enterprises. It can be used in several ways, such as for tabletops, for windows, and for decoration. Most importantly, it decreases the chances of injury as the new technology enables it to shatter into small, even pieces. Modern technology makes it different from ordinary glass. The main difference between modern toughened or tempered glass and an ordinary one is in its manufacturing. The toughened glass has a unique way of increasing functionality as well as versatility. It is the sole reason the new industries have started to use tempered glass and are gradually making it the glass of the era. At our website you can buy high quality toughened glass cut to size just according to your need and requirements instantly. Below is the list that describes the available shapes, properties, and applications of tempered glass.

Available Shapes

There are many ways in which you can use tempered glass, for your worktops, such as for your coffee tables, for your workspaces, for side tables or for any other purpose like window glass or glass door. Here are some shapes that we have short-listed for you. These could be a perfect fit for your needs.

Available Edges

Tempered glass is available in different edge types. Most commonly available edges are as follows. Contact us to get a custom edge work.

Flat Polished Edge

Tempered glass is available in flat edges which makes it simple and stylish.

Raw Edge

No Edge work at all so handling glass can require extra safety measures.

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