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Tempered Glass or Toughened Glass Cut To Size

Four times stronger toughened glass also known as tempered glass is the demand of modern enterprises. It can be used in several ways, such as for tabletops, for windows, and for decoration. Most importantly, it decreases the chances of injury as the new technology enables it to shatter into small, even pieces. Modern technology makes it different from ordinary glass. The main difference between modern toughened or tempered glass and an ordinary one is in its manufacturing. The toughened glass has a unique way of increasing functionality as well as versatility. It is the sole reason the new industries have started to use tempered glass and are gradually making it the glass of the era. At our website you can buy high quality toughened glass cut to size just according to your need and requirements instantly. Below is the list that describes the available shapes, properties, and applications of tempered glass.

Available Shapes

There are many ways in which you can use tempered glass, for your worktops, such as for your coffee tables, for your workspaces, for side tables or for any other purpose like window glass or glass door. Here are some shapes that we have short-listed for you. These could be a perfect fit for your needs.

Available Edges

Tempered glass is available in different edge types. Most commonly available edges are as follows. Contact us to get a custom edge work.

Flat Polished Edge

Tempered glass is available in flat edges which makes it simple and stylish.

Raw Edge

No Edge work at all so handling glass can require extra safety measures.

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What is Tempered Glass

Tempered or toughened glass is a kind of glass that shatters into small pieces when broken. The small shattered glass pieces make the broken glass less harmful as compared to regular annealed glass. Due to this safety feature, this glass is also known as safety glass. Toughened or tempered glass is made through a toughening process that involves heating and cooling glass to a certain temperature. Toughened glass is a simple type of glass that gets converted into tempered glass after this process. It gives extra strength and safety features to the glass.


Buy Made to Measure Tempered Glass Online From Glass Mirror House Ltd.

You can buy a cut to size tempered glass from here by just following the checkout process. No need to wait for quotes for your made to measure glass panel. You can simply choose your required shape of the glass, measurements, and glass types and can place the order instantly. 


Types of Bespoke Safety Glass Available 

We are offering a wide variety of tempered safety glass at Glass Mirror House Ltd. The bespoke tempered glass types we are offering are following


  • Clear Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Low Iron Glass
  • Tinted Glass (bronze, grey)




What are the minimum sizes of a tempered glass sheet available?

We have no minimum size limit however if the glass sheet is too small then it will not be toughened. The maximum side size limit is 3000mm.


What If I need a custom template glass cutting?

If your required glass shape is not mentioned then you can simply place the order with a round, oval, or racetrack shape and upload the template you need. Or you can email the template to our email address.


For what purpose cut to size tempered glass is suitable?

Our toughened tempered glass is suitable for the following applications


  • Cut to Size Window Glass
  • Cut to Size Table Top
  • Custom Shower Door Screens
  • Glass Balustrades and Railings
  • Tempered Glass Replacements and Panels


What Edge options are available?

Currently, we are offering no polish or flat polished edge glass panels. However, you can contact us through email if you need any other type of edgework for your glass panel.


Can I choose a specific delivery date?

Yes, you can choose a specific delivery date which should be later than 20 working days from the day when you are placing the order. We will try our best to deliver the order on your chosen delivery date however it is not guaranteed.


How long will it take to deliver the order?

Our estimated lead time is 14 to 16 working days. You can see further information on our delivery policy page.

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