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Tinted Glass, Shaded Glass Cut to Size

Tinted glass or shaded glass is a glass in which colorants; are added to enhance its functionality. These are becoming a necessity for modern industries due to many reasons. Firstly, shaded or tinted glass is aesthetically satisfying. It offers a wide range of advantages like it blocks and reflects the sunlight, additive colorants are of customer’s demand and most important it allows you privacy. All these advantages make it an enhanced glass type to be used for any residential or commercial purpose. The other benefits of shaded glass include the maintenance of the building’s temperature, it could beautify the tabletops, and so on. The manufacturing is performed using additive colorants into the normal glass. Cut to size tinted glass is available in many colors however the most common ones include soft grey, and bronze. You can also request other colors, for your custom cut to size tinted glass depending upon your requirement through phone call. Below is the list that describes the shapes, properties, and applications of tinted glass.

Available Shapes

Here are some shapes that can be suitable for most of your requirements. However if you need a custom shape then you can call us!

Available Colors

Currently we have two colors available in tinted glass. You can choose from Grey and Bronze glass. If you need any other color then you can call us at +19202918.

Available Edges

Here are some common edge work types available at our website. If you need a custom edge design then please contact us.

Flat Polished Edge

Choose flat edges for simple and stylish borders.

Raw Edge

Simple cutting without any edge work. Can have sharp borders.

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