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HD Low Iron

HD low iron glass, also known as optically clear glass. It is exceptionally clear due to its low iron content. The ordinary glass is made up of silica with relatively high amounts of iron, which adds a green tint to the glass. The green shade makes the objects look a bit vague, this is the main reason many big industries use HD low iron glass to showcase their products.HD low iron glass is one of the clearest glass available in the market today. It is manufactured efficiently by removing the maximum amount of iron from the glass, ultimately making it clear. Manufacturers let the iron remain in the glass to some extent as it is necessary for the strength of the glass; Below are some of its key features and applications that prove that HD low iron glass is the demand of modern industries.

Available Shapes

Here you can choose the shape you want for your HD low iron glass.

HD Low Iron Glass Key features

Following are the properties and characteristics which makes HD low iron glass one of the most demanding glass types for industrial and residential purposes..

Available Edges

Low Iron glass is available in multiple edge types. Following are most popular Edge types. However if you need something custom then please contact us.

Flat Polished Edge

Flat polished edge can add some simple style to your HD Low iron glass.

Raw Edge

Selecting raw edge means no edge work and can require careful handling.

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What is the difference between Standard and Low Iron glass?

A Low Iron glass differs from a standard glass in a couple of ways. The first and most noticeable difference is clarity. As the name implies, a low iron glass contains a relatively lower concentration of iron as it is made from Low Iron Silica sand along with 0.1% of Ferric Oxide contents. As a result, it is more transparent and does not have the greenish tint on the edges that can be observed in the case of standard glass. The second prominent difference between both these types of glass is light transparency. Compared to standard glass, low iron glass offers a VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) of 91%, making it the best choice when it comes to commercial applications. Moreover, low iron glass offers visibility of actual colors. Its invisible appearance enhances the observer's experience by portraying the exact colors of a particular object, making it the preferable choice for industries to showcase their products.


What is the level of clarity of a Low Iron Glass?

A Low Iron Glass has a Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) of 91%. On the contrary, a Standard Glass has a VLT ranging from 30% to 70% depending upon certain factors.


What are suitable applications of Low Iron Glass?

Glass Mirror House offers its customers a variety of shapes, edge types, and sizes that are suitable for multiple applications. Common applications include table tops, shower doors, glass railings, store front doors, and hotel windows.


What are the benefits of Low Iron Glass?

Low Iron Glass is relatively clear and allows high light transmission rates. From enhancing the appearance of your home or office to showcasing your products in their original bright and vivid colors, low iron glass is your best choice.

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