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Tempered Glass Table Tops Cut to Size

A perfect option to add style to your interiors is a table glass top. A glass table is ideal to create any kind of look. It includes famous vintage looks, traditional ones, and even contemporary looks. Interior designers can play it as a tool to achieve many perks. A glass table is just not restricted towards style, it has more than that to offer. Its modern technology allows it to provide strength and support. Its different looks can add different styles to your interiors and so on. We have a wide range of options for cut to size glass table tops ranging from shapes to colors and even quality. It all depends on your choice and your style. So go ahead and select an uber-chic tempered glass table top for your furniture.

Available Glass Table Protector Shapes

Glass mirror house Ltd has a variety of options to offer for your glass table protector these include; different and highly fashionable glass table top shapes. These shapes are mentioned beneath. You can choose your option; to add it to your interiors to add elegance.

Available Edges For Glass Table Covers

Currently we are providing flat polished and seamed polished edge for glass table covers. If you need custom edge work the please feel free to contact us.

Flat Polished Edge

Edge is polished flat with shiny finishing.

Raw Edge

No Edge work at all.

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For What Purpose Our Glass Table Tops are Suitable?

Our glass tops are suitable for any type of furniture whether you need a glass top for bedside table, dressing table, glass dining table, or coffee table. All of our glass tops are custom-made and will be prepared according to your required shape and size. 


What is Suitable Thickness for Glass Table Top?

The suitable glass thickness for your tabletop depends on the size and structure of your table. For example, if your table has a wooden top and you just need a glass table protector then 6mm or 8mm thickness is sufficient. However, if your table has a complete glass top then a thick glass 10mm or 12mm will be suitable. 


Suitable glass thickness also depends on the size of the glass tabletop. If it is a glass top for a small bedside table then a thin glass will work perfectly. However, if it is a large glass top for dressing table or dining table then you should choose a thick glass for your tabletop. 


What Glass Type is Suitable for Glass Top?

Mostly tempered glass is used for tabletops. It is also a cost effective option and comes with safety features. However, in case there is more damage risk associated with the usage of your table top then laminated glass tabletop can also be used.


In Tempered glass, we have a huge variety of glass available for table tops which include clear toughened glass, frosted glass, low iron glass and tinted bronze and grey glass.


What is the Maximum and Minimum Available Size?

Currently we have no minimum size however if the glass is extra small for example less than 0.12 sqm then it might not be toughened. The maximum size we have available is 3000MM one side. You can contact us on email if your one side dimension is above 3000MM


How to Place an Order?

Placing an order for a glass table top is easy in a few steps. First you need to choose shape of table top you need. Then enter your measurements, choose glass type and glass thickness. After that you can choose the extra options like edge work, corner types, holes and other details. Once all is selected you can instantly place the order with a simple checkout. 


What If I need A Custom Shape for Table Top?

If your required shape is not available on our website does not mean that we cannot cut that shape. We can cut glass according to any shape and template. In order to place your order for a custom shaped table top you can simply contact us on email or phone or can upload your required template diagram while placing the order.


What Edge Options Are Available for Glass top?

Currently, we are offering flat polished edges only. However, if you need any other type of polish then you can contact us.

What Areas do We Cover?

We deliver our glass tops in UK nationwide. However, the delivery cost may vary for deliveries outside England.


How Much Delivery Cost?

The shipping and delivery cost depends on the size, weight, and delivery location of the order. For deliveries in areas (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) other than England mainland we can charge an extra amount. 


How Long Does It Take to Deliver the Order?

It normally takes 12 to14 working days to deliver an order. However, it is estimated only. Most of the time our deliveries are sooner than that. However, in some situations, it can take more than the estimated time.


How to Fix Glass Top on Table?

The best way to fix a glass table top is by using rubber bumpers. These small rubber pieces hold the glass on the table surface which can prevent your table top from getting damaged. 


How to Fix Glass Top on Table?

The best way to fix a glass table top is by using rubber bumpers. These small rubber pieces hold the glass on the table surface which can prevent your table top from getting damaged. 

How To Keep Glass Table Top Clean?
Dust and particles are more visible on glass top than any other surface. So it is highly recommended to clean the glass top frequently. You can use a branded glass cleaner for your table top or you can use a DIY homemade glass cleaner. However if your tabletop is going to be used in the kitchen or for food serving purposes then you should only choose an organic glass cleaner with no harmful chemicals.

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