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Frosted Glass or Opaque Glass Cut to Size

Masked frosted glass also known as opaque glass or sandblast glass is created by either sandblasting or acid etching. It gives a blurry display due to the pitted surface. It is also known as privacy glass, as due to its translucent appearance it restricts the view to some point. It blurs the intricate details about a person or object placed on the other side of the glass. The most common usage of cut to size opaque glass includes frosted glass tabletops doors, and even windows. We have a wide range of sandblast or frosted glass cut to size in different edges and shapes. These are perfectly suitable for your requirements and style.Below are some of the properties and applications of frosted opaque glass.

Available Shapes

Please select a suitable shape for your frosted glass according to your requirements.

Available Edges

Frosted glass is available in following types of edge work.

Flat Polished Edge

A simple style can be added through flat polished edges.

Raw Edge

No edge work is done. Handling should be done with gloves.

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