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Cheap Mirror Glass Cut to Size

Stylish and sophisticated mirrors are a perfect fit for any kind of interior. Mirrors are known as elegant tools for interior designers to play with. These are perfect for every kind of situation whether it is the boring walls that you want to add life in, or just to add a dramatic look. Mirrors are your number one option. You don’t even have to put a lot of effort to add drama or sophistication to your interiors. No matter what ever your design needs are, we cann provide you cheap mirror glass cut to size at discounted price.

Available Shapes of Frameless Mirrors

We are offering a wide variety of framless mirrors in cut to size custom shapes. You can order any custom size and shape of mirror according to your need and requirements

Available Edges

Here are some regular types of edges for mirrors available at our website. If you need a custom edge design or even shape for your mirror then please contact us.

Flat Polished Edge

Grace can be added by using a flat polished edge.

Raw Edge

An extremely sharp edges. Precautions should be performed while handling it.

Where made to measure mirrors can  be used?

Made to measure mirrors have multiple applications that may vary depending upon your needs. We at Glass Mirror House offer a wide range of cut-to-size mirrors that come in different shapes and sizes. Ranging from round and rectangular to irregular ones, our mirrors are a perfect combination of style and elegance. So, whether you want to breathe life into your walls or are looking for something stylish for your wardrobe, we have got you covered. Moreover, these cut-to-size mirrors can also be used as bathroom, bedroom, wall, gym, and saloon mirrors. So, no matter your needs, we guarantee an exceptional experience.


What thickness of cut to size mirrors is available at Glass Mirror House?

We at Glass Mirror House focus on delivering quality products to our customers. Our mirrors are not only stylish but are designed while keeping the safety of customers in mind. We offer 2 thickness variants of mirrors that are 4mm and 6mm. Our 4mm mirrors are perfect for your furniture, such as your wardrobes or closet doors. Plus, the thickness ensures protection against impact damage. Moreover, our 6mm mirrors are your best choice if you are looking for a large mirror without compromising on the quality of the reflected image.


What types of mirrors are available at Glass Mirror House?

We at Glass Mirror House have 4 different variants of high-quality mirrors that will enhance the beauty of your interior significantly. Our Standard Silver Mirror is a perfect combination of style and elegance. It is decent and will look amazing in your bedroom, kitchen, or walls. Looking for something that fits in with every background? Our Grey Tinted Mirror is your best choice. It will fit in decently with any color scheme and, on top of that, looks graceful and sophisticated. Likewise, our Bronze Tinted Mirror offers you an impressive way of showcasing reflection. It is bronze in color and is a decent fit for your bedroom. Many interior designers recommend it. Last but not least, our Antique Mirror is decent, graceful, and elegant. Recommended by many interior designers, its color schemes make it a perfect fit for any background.


What is the maximum mirror size available at Glass Mirror House?

From Glass Mirror House, you can get mirrors up to a maximum of 3000mm in length by 2000mm in width.


Are these mirrors tempered?

No, the mirrors at Glass Mirror House are not tempered. But, you do have the option to place a custom order, and we will ensure that your requirements are well met.


What backing options are available at Glass Mirror House?

We at Glass Mirror House offer you Foil Backing, which is the best option to stick with if you are looking forward to protecting your mirrors against moisture. Therefore, Foil Backing is perfect for mirrors that you intend to use in your bathrooms. Moreover, the second backing option we offer is Safety Backing. It ensures protection against sharp mirror shards in case of accidental breakage and strengthens the mirror as well.


What edge types are available at Glass Mirror House?

Glass Mirror House offers you with Flat Polished Edge that is safe to handle and has a sleek and shiny appearance. In addition, we offer Beveled Edge, a more polished version with a sophisticated finish designed for perfection.


How to mount a mirror on the wall?

Mirrors can be mounted easily on a wall with the help of an adhesive material such as glue, or you can use screws or clamps to mount them firmly. However, when doing so, always ensure safety precautions and handle mirrors with care.

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