Rectangle Tinted Glass

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Rectangle Tinted glass

Rectangle tinted or colored glass is commonly used in windows, doors, and shower enclosures to provide some privacy in the place. It is also used as table tops or shelves in the kitchen, living area, or bedroom for a sophisticated and classy look. In the office or commercial areas rectangle-tinted glass can be used as a divider for privacy providers

 Use of Rectangle Tinted Glass. 

Rectangle tinted glass can be used customized according to the architectural trends and available spaces and budget some of the uses are as: 

  1. Doors 
  2. Windows 
  3. Interior Designing 
  4. Car windows
  5. Office spaces/dividers 
  6. bathroom/shower enclosures 
  7. Tabletops 
  8. Cabinets 
  9. Showcases
  10. Storefronts 
  11. Greenhouses wall
  12. Sunroom
  13. ATM enclosures 
  14. Commercial areas 
  15. Skylights 


Sizes of Rectangle Tinted glass 


The glass size can vary according to the product manufacturing and need. It can be as small as 24 inches by 36 inches for a coffee table medium size like for a door 36 inches by 80 inches or 60 inches by 84 inches for an office partition.



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