Return Policy

Shipping and Delivery

We hope you love shopping with Glass Mirror House. Here are our return policies. If you have any questions then pleaseContact Us.

Custom Made Products

Under the Customer Contract Regulation(CCR) we are highly obliged to the fact that we are not able to refund any custom-made product. We cannot cancel any custom-made order, and we also request our customer that before placing the order kindly make sure that all the provided specifications such as size, shape, and color are up to the mark or are accurate as any sort of later request for changes could be denied. To eliminate any sort of further discomfort we also require the customer’s permission as he is agreeing with the placed order in the form of a confirmation post. We will highly appreciate that if you are placing an order through telephone service then you have to agree with our confirmation email as it is a form of a written contract that you have ordered a certain product from our online store. Furthermore, if the customer is required to do any amendments then he can contact us through phone or even email.

Standard Size Products and Accessories

Customers who want to cancel the order of any sort of standard size products and accessories are required to write a formal email confirming the fact that they want to cancel the order. The request could be sent to the given email address. It is to be informed to all our customers that this order cancellation process can be performed only within 14 days. After this duration, we won’t be able to accept an order cancellation request.

The standard product and accessories must return in the same way as they have been received. Also, the packaging in which the order is received is important for the process of cancellation. Make sure that the canceled product has been secured properly so that any sort of damages could be prevented during the travel.

Returning Products

It is very beneficial to note that during the returning process the product should be secured and handled properly so that future damages could be prevented. The original packaging in which the product arrives is required during the return of a product. The customer is liable to pay for the returned product. The return package will be fully refunded including both the prices of packaging fee and postage fee. If the postage fee has been done on the behalf of the client then it will be deducted from the refund price. The company will not entertain the refund of any sort of damaged product. And if the product returned is in the damaged state and the customer hasn’t explained in the writing form then the deductions will be performed during the refund of money.

The postage fee varies depending upon the weight and size of the product.

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