Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks for kitchens are very common these days and mostly being used in the kitchen at various places like glass cooker splashback, sink splashback etc . The first advantage of using glass splashback is they are very easy to clean and require minimum maintenance. Furthermore they are also economical as compared to other materials. At Glass Mirror House You can find any colour, shape and size of glass splashback at discounted price.

Available Glass Splashback Shapes

At Glass Mirror House Ltd you can find back glass kitchen splashbacks in any colour tone, size and shape..

Available Edges

Currently we are offering flat polished and no edge.

Flat Polished Edge

Edge is polished flat with shiny finishing.

Raw Edge

No Edge work at all.

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Does it come with hardware?

Here you can order glass only. For hardware please contact us directly at our email. . 


What is Suitable Thickness?

It depends on your usage and fitting requirements. 


Where can I use glass splashback?

You can use it at kitchen splashback, shower splashback etc. 


Do you offer coloured backsplash?

Yes, at our website you can order glass coloured glass splashback in any colour. 


How long it takes to deliver glass?
Our lead time is 10 to 19 working days.

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