How to Protect Glass Table Top To Extend Its Life

Glass table tops are one of the best ways to protect a wooden or any other material made furniture surface. It holds the new look of furniture and also provides a safety layer from humidity in the air and liquid spills. However these glass tops are not cheap which means if the glass table top loses its look or gets scratches then it still can cost you a large amount to replace the table top. So it is very necessary to protect your glass top from damage to increase its lifetime. Following are some simple but effective ways about how you can take care of your glass top which will surely result in adding many years to the table top life. 

Keep It Clean

The first and already known tip to protect your table top is frequent cleaning. Small dust particles in the air stick on the glass surface. And if those particles are not cleaned frequently then they can leave a permanent mark on the glass surface which can damage the look of the glass. Here you must keep it in mind that you must use a soft fabric to clean the glass surface. It is because any hard fabric can leave tiny scratches on the surface. These scratches might not be visible but they get visibility with the passage of time. 

Protect From Harsh Weather Condition

Another reason why glass table tops get damaged is because of the too high or too low temperature. Extreme temperatures can even shatter the glass due to expansion or comparison. This mostly happens with outdoor table tops such as patio table top. So it is a wise decision if you can move the glass top inside of your home in extreme weather conditions. Or in case it is not possible to carry the glass inside then you can cover it with something.

Always Use Toughened Processed Glass

It is highly recommended to use toughened processed glass only for your table top. The toughening process involves heating and cooling the glass panel which gives it extra strength, durability and life. Toughened glass can bear double of the pressure than regular annealed glass. It is also more resistant to scratches. So we recommend you use toughened glass only for your table top. 

Use Rubber Pads Under it

Although glass tops can simply sit on the table surface, it is highly recommended to use rubber pads under the glass table top. The rubber pads maintain a gape between the table surface and glass surface which protects glass from scratches on both sides. These pads also don’t let the glass panel slide from the panel. Apart from that rubber pads can also keep the new look of the table for a longer period of time.

These were simple but very useful techniques to protect a glass table top. It will not take much of your effort or time but will definitely be worth it. 

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